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As soon as students finish their class 12, they are faced with one of the most important decisions of their lives. What next? You have the choice to pick a course that would define your career. This decision will play a vital role in your life as you will be committing a good portion of your lifetime achieving it.


Since there are numerous courses available after class 12, most students end up in a dilemma regarding which course to choose. Students with a math background can appear for various engineering exams- IIT JEE 2017, CAT exam, UPSC exam, etc. Below is a list of courses for biology stream that will help students to understand the area and what career to choose.


Bachelor of Audiology Speech-Language Pathology – BASLP


The course is also termed as Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Therapy. It is a four-year course including one year of an internship program that has to be done after graduation. This professional course comprises of two main subjects. That is Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.


Speech-language Pathology as the name suggests is a science of speech that deals with the study of speech. It is mainly concerned with disorders that are related to languages and speech.


Audiology is a stream of science that mainly deals with a study about hearing and balancing disorders, sound, and balance disorders and also deals with rehabilitation of people who are suffering from hearing disorders.


The BASLP course would take five years in total. Once done with the course, a graduate can find job opportunities in several sectors namely marketing of hearing implants, special schools and educational institutions and hearing aid manufacturing industries.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy – BPT


BTP is an undergraduate Degree Course that is pursued for four and half years. The academic program comprises of four years and six months for an internship. It is commonly known as physical therapy. It mainly deals with the use of physical therapy, exercise and physical movements to cure several injuries.


The minimum eligibility required to take part in the admission process is at least 50% aggregate marks in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. In some colleges (for eligible candidates) entries are purely made based on merit and entrance test.


There are vast job opportunities in this field. Once done with the graduation, the students can find employment in sports teams, schools and colleges, gyms, clinics and many others.


Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery – BUMS


This professional course is pursued for five and half years whereas academic program comprises of four and half years. After graduation, the students have to do an unpaid internship for a year. The field of Unani Medicine Education is managed by Central Council of Indian Medicine.


This course is fundamentally based on Unani System of Medicine. The medicine prescribed for patients in this system are mostly natural drugs.


Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery – BHMS


It is an undergraduate degree course that is pursued for five and a half years. The course deals with the alternative medical system of homeopathy. Among many Diploma Homeopathy Courses available in the nation, BHMS is the most recognized course.


The academic year comprises of four and half years of which one year is entirely dedicated to the internship. The academic program can be divided into four parts; each includes one year. Students who couldn’t get admission to MBBS, BAMS and BDS can opt for this course.


Veterinary Science – B.V.SC & A.H


It is a branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of animals. It is an undergraduate Degree program that is pursued for five years. Students who have cleared CBSE class 12th Board Examination in Biology, chemistry, and physics are eligible to apply for this course.


The student should possess a minimum of 50% aggregate in the subjects as mentioned above. After the completion of the course, graduates can work as research professionals in the field of Animal Health and Medicine. One can even work in government or private veterinary hospital as a Doctor or a Surgeon.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – MBBS


It is one of the most popular courses that is opted by students after class 12th in Biology. Just pursuing MBBS would not be sufficient for an advanced career in medical science. So one must pursue Post Graduation to gain more knowledge and value. Medical Council of India is responsible for maintaining and managing the medicinal quality of education across the nation.


As you may be aware, it is a five and a half year course of which one year is entirely dedicated to the internship. The academic year comprises of three stages. The first step involves one year, the second stage consists of one and a half year, and the third stage consists of final two years. You will have to face stiff competition to take admission in a good medical college.  This profession is considered as a noble profession.


The candidates should possess a minimum of 50% aggregate in PCB subjects with mandatory 50% marks in biology. The candidates must have taken part in entrance test that is conducted by Central Government or State Government. After the completion of MBBS, the various job profiles available for graduates include Doctor, Junior Doctor, and General Physician. One can also practice as a General Practitioner in government jobs. Graduates can also opt for private practice.


Bachelor of Dental Surgery – BDS


The BDS is pursued for five years. It is a job oriented course, and second most popular course opted by students in India in the field of medicine. It mainly deals with the area of dental science. Academic Program comprises of four years and one year is dedicated to the internship. Students with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks in Biology, Physics and Chemistry subjects in 12th board examination (recognized board) are eligible to apply for this course.




You can choose a course based on your passion and interests. If you are not sure about strengths area, take help of a certified counselor. You can also ask your queries online here.