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Careers after Post Graduation

In this competitive world, it has become absolutely essential to opt for a post-graduation degree.  Increasing demand for knowledge based workers has made it imperative that you have exemplary educational qualification to get your dream job. However, even a Post Graduate Degree has not been proved sufficient to guarantee desired career. What should you do if you are not satisfied with your career progression even after completing your Post Graduation? There are several options, that can enhance your prospect of better career after post graduation. Your final choice may depend on your stream of education and interest however here are some general options that you can explore.

Best career options for 2016

What are the career options available after Post graduation?

Enhance the existing career: Some of you are already employed and are seeking an enhancement in your current industry. You might be happy with your company and may be tenured. But if you are looking for growth within the same organization than a post graduate degree comes in handy. Along with your post graduation degree if you can do a quick certification course in your field it will help you immensely.

Inform your HR about your new certification and submit your post graduate credentials. Very often the recruitment process leans on existing employees for the next level. People with experience and the necessary education are often preferred for that general management or people management role. Make your intent clear and apply for the next role that will help you to grow professionally and financially.
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Campus recruitment: Post graduation courses by reputed colleges and universities have campus recruitment and job placements guaranteed. Perform your best and you could be working for a top notch organization with a fat salary at the start of your career. Candidates that directly land a management positions is not unheard of these days. You do not have to work your way up as the majority does.

If a job placement is guaranteed, then make full use of that clause to secure your career. Some of the post graduation courses offer job placement in your last semester for a project evaluation. Put in your best performance so that the management of the company is impressed with you and express intent to continue your job with them.

Public sector /Government Jobs: The dream of every common man. A government job offers you that much coveted security unlike a private sector one. The lifelong pension scheme and health scheme offered by the government makes a government job attractive.

There are various examinations conducted by the government sector. A post graduate can opt for Public sector banks, Insurance companies such as LIC, IAS (Indian Administrative service), PCS (Public and commercial service), Railways. You can also opt for multitude of job positions in Defense, Postal service, Police and Medicine.

It is a common notion that getting through these exams is a difficult proposition. But with the right coaching and approach your dream of a government job may just become a reality. There are various organizations and institutes that offer rigorous coaching for these exams.

What type of jobs people do after MBA?

Private sector Jobs: Private sector jobs or the MNC jobs are the most popular among the youth today. They offer a high salary package, career growth options and an effusive work culture that can aid in your personality development too. Some of the popular options are listed below.

IT Industry:  The IT industry offers a host of career options for post graduates. These organizations look for  candidates with a post  graduate degree  as Project managers, People Managers who are capable  of  handling large teams for both on shore and off shore locations . You can expect to jump start your career in a foreign location in an IT organization.

Banking sector: The banking sector requires a well-qualified workforce for their widespread operations. You can opt for positions like Branch manager, Operations manager, Sales Manager or a Marketing manager which require candidates with a post-graduation degree.

Sales and Marketing: A highly lucrative career option and it is a known fact that certain high reputed organization in Telecom and FMCG opt only for candidates for a managerial position with a post-graduation degree which is most likely an MBA degree from a reputed institute. Candidates are offered high remuneration which the ordinary employees can only earn after years of experience .Career growth is quick in this profile if you have what it takes to be a successful market strategist.

Career in Sales/Business Development

BPO/KPO sector: This is another popular option among the youngsters. If you looking for a world of experience, foreign travel and high standard of living then this is an option tailor made for you. Although this industry requires back breaking work that involves the night shift culture, it offers a gamut of career options especially in management.

Mid- level managers and senior managers are required to handle the reins of the organization in a highly competitive market that seeks professionals with a post graduate degree. Salaries offered is attractive and comes with added perks like foreign travel and health insurance benefits .Some of the organizations offer lucrative salaries to attract  the right talent.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is an emerging area and has plenty of job opportunities available. For those who love desk jobs and still want excitement in life this is the best field to be in. The industry is so dynamic that everything you learn today becomes obsolete three years down the line. To set yourself apart and grow faster you need to be constantly updated on latest changes in industry. And this is what makes the field more exciting. You can earn anything between INR 20,000 – 50,000 just after post graduation. However with experience you can definitely make it big.

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Finance operations: Every organization has Finance department that oversees the working capital and operational expenditure. The profitability of an organization largely depends on a strong finance team. Recruitment usually is concentrated on candidates who have a post graduate degree in Finance /CS/ CA/ CFA/CWA.

Human resources or HR: This is one of the emerging popular career options that promise the stability and ability to work in both technical and non-technical organizations. The candidate has to have a post-graduation degree in Human resources and reputed organizations have roles in managerial capacity for positions as recruitment manager, Training managers and Learning & Development managers.

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Jobs Abroad: A post graduate degree in any stream is prized abroad as college education is expensive and very few people opt for a college education in western countries. Therefore there is a dearth of professional workforce and most of the organizations recruit candidates despite being not a natural citizen of that particular country. A post graduate degree with the necessary communication skills will win you that dream job abroad.

Doctorate degrees: If you still want to pursue further studies then the next option is to have a doctorate degree or PhD as it is popularly known. Reputed institutes offer these courses and the duration is 2- 3 years. If you have an undergraduate degree in medicine, engineering and law, you can directly opt for an entrance exam for a doctorate degree. Entry for these courses is always through an entrance exam.

If you need specific details about any job/function/industry, please ask your questions here.