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3 Apostrophe Rules to add sense to your writing

  Did you realize that the first word in the first sentence... is grammatically incorrect?   Don’t worry if your answer is No. A vast majority of people all across the world are like you, intentionally ignorant or unintentionally unaware of the right apostrophe rules....

10 Comma Rules to Make Your Writing Flawless

"Put a comma in whenever you take a breath" If that’s the comma rule you have been following, maybe it’s time you stop and revise your grammar again. Such a rule made sense in ancient times when texts were mostly read and spoken out loud. However, today there are...

Do This One Thing to Improve Your Writing Style

Can you build muscles or tone your body by gymming once in a week or a month? Will you become a confident driver by rarely driving on the roads? The answer is an unequivocal “No!” You need to make consistent efforts to learn something new or bring any...


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