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Almost 87% of the smartphones use Android as an operating system. Android dominates the smartphone market in developed as well as emerging countries. Increased usage of Android has led to a surge in demand for Android developers across the world. Due to an acute shortage of skilled developers, businesses find it increasingly hard to hire great programmers. If you have an inclination towards programming and have a passion for developing innovative mobile applications, learn Android development.


Here are top five resources which you can use to learn Android programming:




GogoTraining offers a compressive Android course which is suitable for beginners as well as students who have an intermediate level of knowledge. GogoTraining was one of the first few firms that started online Android training courses. Their instructors are one of the best in the industry. The website has an active online forum where students can ask questions. The professors or other community members usually respond to the questions. Based on which package you have bought, you can also connect online directly with instructors for clearing doubts. The price of Android courses starts at $48 for 30 days. You can also choose the course duration as 90 days or one year at different prices. Contact their customer service to check if there is a promotional offer being run by the company.




Lynda is another popular website that offers online Android development courses. You can subscribe to their monthly or annual membership of the site to learn unlimited courses. Their basic membership starts at $20 per month. The company is owned by LinkedIn and known for excellent courses. The only disadvantage of this site is that you can’t just purchase Android course. If you want to learn only Android development (and become perfect in it) then, you may find the website costlier as compared to other sites.




Udemy is another popular resource where you will find Android courses from different vendors. This site is a marketplace of online courses. Trainers have uploaded their courses on the site. The users can purchase the course and leave a rating after completion of the course. While selecting the course, you need to check its reviews and be assured of the quality of the same.




Coursera is a marketplace for online courses from different universities. You can enroll yourself for free and learn a part of any course. To complete a course you will have to purchase it or apply for financial aid if you can’t afford the fee. Coursera offers several courses in a wide range of fields. The website claims to have courses from prominent universities such as Penn, Standford, Duke, University of Michigan, etc. You can sign up for free and check out some courses to have a fair understanding of the quality.




Google itself offers the Android training through Udacity. Also at Udacity, most of the courses are free. Being free resources, you may not be able to get premium support or learn the advanced level of concepts. However, if you are just getting started with Android, Udacity can be a great platform to get a decent background before going for an advanced level of course.




Do your research and evaluate pros and cons of every site before joining any one of them. While evaluating the sites, you should consider three parameters: quality of instructors, the content of the course and the promptness of support team. In IT industry, the certifications are not as important as the skill set of developers. Therefore, never go after fancy things that don’t help you in becoming a great developer. Also, if you don’t have any background in programming, you must explicitly ask the company whether their courses are suitable for a beginner like you.


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