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ECT offers the best content writing course in Lucknow. I attended the Batch No 50 (Oct-Dec 2020) of ECT’s Content Writing course and here is my personal experience of studying at and then freelancing with them.

Best Content Writing Course in Lucknow

Before, I talk about the best content writing course in Lucknow, let me introduce myself.

About Me

I fell deeply in love with writing since I had finished my graduation, but before that, I couldn’t realize the significance of good writing. Initially, my perception of writing was bewildered. I thought good writing ability can’t be attained, it is a natural ability awarded to the chosen ones. I wouldn’t be so wrong until I learned the content writing skill. Fortunately, I got the chance to learn from a perfectionist who familiarized me with the craft of good writing.

A Few Words about My City Lucknow

I spent most of my childhood studying and learning in my hometown, Lucknow. It used to be a very different place unlike it is today. Previously, it seemed almost like a suburban small town where most of the people worked in the government sector. It molds our thinking towards conventional methods of learning and earning. We were rather philistine compared to the awareness of the other developed cities of India. The part of the city where I fostered is miles away from the national capital but years away in terms of sophistication.

Now, our city is transforming. Lucknow has a flourishing history of art and literature. It nurtured many renowned poets and writers in the past. We are embracing changes and building a modern city orchestrated with the old traditions.

Knowing content writing

Content writing is beyond good writing, it empowers you to think, research, and create high-quality, meaningful content to aware, educate and entertain readers. It is a driving force behind all successful marketing campaigns. It offers the opportunity to the business to connect and grow the prospective customer base. Therefore, quality content writing is packed with utility and brimming with inspiration. Quality content writing has relentless empathy towards their audience.

Benefits of content creation career

Content writing is a lucrative career. The foremost benefit of a writing career: you can earn for doing something you cherish. The potential market for good content writers is enormous, and opportunities are open around the globe, from blogging to publishing. The requirement of good content writing is not restricted. They have the privilege to choose for round the clock and freelance assignments.

Moreover, content writing provides a chance to work wherever you desire and write whatever you like. Therefore, a content writing career increases your confidence, fuels your creativity, and makes your voice heard. It provides tremendous personal gratification that comes with both fame and fortune.

How to Become a Content Writer?

If you know the art of expressing thoughts, congratulations, you can be a good content writer. Content writing is a skill-based career. Therefore, no specific degree is required to grow as a content writer. However, owing a degree in literature, arts, journalism, psychology even in science would be the icing on the cake. Your familiarity with the topic and drafting ability decides the growth of your content writing career. Hence, if your writing is compelling and content is relevant for readers, you have a good content writing career ahead of you.

However, proper guidance from experts can instantly launch a career in content writing. Numerous online and offline courses are available that can improve your writing skills. Nonetheless, few of these courses are certified by the government. If you are planning to work for some content industry or start your business, a certificate issued by a reliable authority increases the visibility and credibility of your craft. Online content writing courses also help experienced writers, acquiring additional skills like editing, recognizing, drafting, removing, and refining the ambiguity from the content. Therefore, it proves helpful for all kinds of genres of writers.

Watch the following video to know exact step-by-step process to become a content writer.

Why ECT’s Course is the Best Content Writing Course in Lucknow?

Today, with emerging culture and education, Lucknow is firmly looking to a promising future. This contemporary city is moving forward along with the magnificent legacy of the past. Students are exploring the novel styles of learning and employment. Hence, enthusiastically embracing the online methods of improving technical skills.


Both, fresh graduates and nonconventional learners, are choosing online learning courses. After the devastating pandemic, people of tier two and three cities recognize the significance of additional skills and learning in a virtual environment. Thus, good content writing courses have tremendous potential for delivering better career options for distance learners. 


Things are changing now; I’m tempted to mention that the majority of online students in our city are in between 40-60 years of age. Most of them are retired and housemakers, seeking online content writing courses to utilize their unoccupied time. Therefore, they appreciate online content writing courses and found it flexible to connect the class. They responded, “online content writing empowers them to pen down their life experiences and stories without facing the awkwardness of attending an offline class with teenagers”. 


I think online content writing has a remarkable capacity to transform the personality. Accessibility to the internet made it possible to access anything from your smart device. However, the internet is flooded with lucrative success and money-making stories, but it’s all up to you, knowing your requirements and budget before making any choice. It is quite hard to put in long hours and money without ensuring returns.


ECT Content Writing Course

If you are an aspiring writer, receiving training from a recognized institute can help you grab a project. ECT, a renowned content writing institute authorized by the government of India. It has been teaching the effective ways to feed the best content writing along with in-hand experience of varied forms of writing such as technical writing, copywriting, article writing, medical writing, etc. Moreover, it empowers students to thrive in stiff competition.

ECT offers both online and offline classes, but maximum benefits can be reaped from online training. ECT online content writing classes are accessible, affordable, and flexible. It is an advantage for learners of different geographic locations to save money and commuting time. Therefore, I would recommend an online content writing course for people living in different towns like me.


Why I chose ECT

While exploring a good medical writing course, I discovered ECT, a content writing institute. Since I was oblivious of any form of writing and needed to start from the essentials. I was perplexed in the beginning until I attended the demo class of ECT. It was triggering for me to learn from the expert. Fortunately, I got familiar with all forms of writing including medical writing. Good writing is a culmination of habit, knowledge, and rules, and everyone is capable of producing good content writing. Hence, I chose what I found beneficial to me. Indeed, it taught me to learn beyond books.

The most valuable lesson that I learned in ECT was good writing is like mathematics, either you know it or don’t know it. But, both crafts can be earned by practice and guidance. Therefore, the difference between a good writer and a bad writer is hard work and proper guidance.

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Writer’s Bio

I spent plenty of my time in classrooms and laboratories. I learned the craft of writing from the expert and started freelancing for an enormous boon to my growth. I got the opportunity of working on a variety of writing projects. I managed to refine my writing abilities beyond the fundamental knowledge. Currently, I am involved in publishing book chapters, research articles, and blogs with credits that go to my name. The essential growth that I have accomplished so far solely attribute to freelance writing projects offered by ECT.