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Best Content Writing Course in Kochi


Your search for best content writing course in Kochi ends here. ECT offers the best content writing course in Kochi. Here, I am sharing my experience with ECT.

Before I tell your more about ECT, let me introduce myself.


Sometimes a random thought or a surge of emotion could take your mind to a creative world. Whenever this happened to me, I would run to grab a notebook and scribble down whatever my heart would let out at that moment. Since I was a kid, I have done this. It slowly turned out to be a habit. I didn’t know that I was a writer until one day, my friend told me that my writings touched her heart. “Why didn’t you show it to anyone soon. I think you should write more”, she had told me that day. And guess what? I did and eventually fell in love with words. 



Even though I loved to write, I had never thought about a career in writing. But life never fails to give you surprises. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the whole world, we were all forced to lock ourselves in our homes. But the lockdown unlocked the creative side of many people. Inspired by such people, I was also determined to learn something productive. Why not polish my writing skills? With this thought, I quickly ran to google and searched for the best content writing courses in Kochi. There’s where I found that one course that completely changed my life; Advanced Content Writing Course from ECT (Education and Career Times).


With the help of ECT, I could take a step towards turning my passion into my profession. ECT has guided me in every step to become a diligent freelance content writer. Apart from this, I am a postgraduate student of Media and Cultural Studies at the Central University of Rajasthan. I am excited to share with you my journey of becoming a freelance content writer and why I think that the course offered by ECT is the best content writing course in Kochi.


About Kochi

best content writing course in kochi


If you ask any resident of Kochi to describe the City, they would heartily say that, “it’s not a city, but a feeling.” Being a Kochite- as we call ourselves, all my life, I have witnessed a unique and diverse culture existing peacefully in the beautiful streets of this city. To put it in simple words, the people of Kochi are the owners of a big and warm heart who are ready to welcome anyone and everyone coming to explore the city. This acceptance of diverse culture and people, have let the city grow potentially in terms of art. 


Best content writing courses in kochi


Be it a writer, a painter, a singer, a craft person, a graffiti artist going around doodling the walls, or an ordinary man selling something handmade; anything created with your heart is an art, and the one who created it is an artist here. And artists always have a renowned place in Kochi.


content writing course in kochi


Born to this city of art lovers has always watered my fascination for words. So when I found that doing what you love could also earn you money, I did not hesitate. I enrolled myself for the best content writing course in Kochi, offered by ECT – one of the best decisions made in 2020.’


content writing course in kochi



Content Writing


Almost every day, we come across at least one of the works done by a content writer, and you may wonder how. Whenever you get curious about something, you take your phone, browse through the internet, and read everything you find on that topic. Behind those words is the hard work and research of a content writer. 


Content writing is basically writing engaging content for different online platforms for digital marketing. It is the process of planning, writing, and editing a piece of content for selling or promoting a product or a service. You can explore through different types of content writing and become a web content writer, blogger, copywriter, creative writer or editor, script writer etc., according to your taste and interest.


Benefits of Content Writing Careers


Now, who doesn’t like to make money by doing something they love to do. And it’s not just about money; it’s also about the knowledge you gain over the years. If you are looking forward to working as a content writer you should be aware of the benefits you get from this career.


  • You get to become a freelance writer: 

In my experience a choice to become a freelance writer is the best part of a content writing career. Here, you don’t have to settle down for a 9-5 job, or work under your boss, taking orders from him/her. You can be your own boss, and you can choose your own working hours. The flexibility offered by freelancing is my favourite thing about it. You can work from literally anywhere and get your pockets full.


  • Fair amount of money: 

It is true that at the initial stages of content writing, you won’t earn as much as professionals in other fields; but once you invest your time and skills, and develop a knack for it, you will be surprised by the amount of money that will reach you every month. This is true because of the variety of options offered by a content writing career; you can do various things at a time and earn from it all. For example, you can work in a firm as a content writer and still take up freelancing projects, and in your free time you can create your own blog or write a book; and you won’t ever have to worry about filling your bank accounts.


  • You will slowly become the ‘know it all’:

Now, this is something fascinating about the content writing career. As you work on a wide range of niches, you get to know something about almost everything. As you go on writing and researching, you come across topics from distinct fields, and with each project you take you learn something new. A doctor may know everything about the medical field, an engineer may know the latest trends in technologies, a business person may be an expert in marketing; but ask a content writer about anything under the sky and give them a deadline; they will leave you speechless.


  • A chance to pursue your passion:

I don’t have to say much about this. Not many people get to pursue their passion, and focus on their career at the same time. But being a content writer means to be doing both. While building a stable career that pays well, you also get to pursue your passion, and do ‘your thing’ with all your heart and soul.


How to become a content writer?


Now, that you know the benefits of pursuing a career in content writing, you would want to know how to become one.


The greatest perks of being a content writer is that you can become one at any age, and it doesn’t matter which profession you are currently pursuing. If you have a knack for writing, and have the will to remain committed to it, you can slowly start off your journey as a content writer. Even though there is no particular degree that you should acquire to start your career, graduates of literature or journalism and mass communication have a higher preference; but then it totally depends on what you present to your client. Those opting to become technical writers, should have some subject matter knowledge to flourish in this field. 


So the first thing you could do to get started is enrolling yourself in a short term content writing course, which will give the basic idea of different types of content writing, teach you various methods to engage your contents and prepare you to face the challenges of content writing. If you are from Kochi and wondering which course will enable you to master the art of content writing, this one’s for you. Hurry and enroll yourself into ECT’s Advanced Content Writing Course and get a chance to attend the best content writing course in Kochi.


Best Content Writing Course in Kochi


So have you made up your mind to become a content writer? Great! Trust me, this is going to be one the best decisions of your life. To make it even better start off by joining the best content writing course in Kochi. When I say ‘the best’, it means that you can find everything you are looking for and even more here. 


ECT’s content writing course doesn’t just guide you to become a content writer, but they don’t leave your side until they see you become one. Now, when I think of my experience with ECT, I should confess that not even my teachers in school and college had been this dedicated to make me successful. Without doubt, without a second thought I am telling you that ECT has the best content writing course available in Kochi. So what’s the wait? Get yourself enrolled, get in touch with ECT, and kick start your career as a content writer.


ECT Content Writing Course


When we decide to invest our money and time into something, we always consider many options at first, and choose the best one from it. This was me, a few months back scrolling through every website on google, that has ‘content writing course’ mentioned in it. Then I found the one website that I was looking for so long. 


Before you enroll yourself to any content writing course, you should know that ECT is the only content writing training institute recognised by the Government of India- a certification, that is worth every penny. It is a three month course, and the classes are taken on weekends, so you don’t have to worry about finding extra time on working days. Along with the live classes, you will be given assignments and live projects which will give you a complete idea of how content writing works, and how you will be dealing with the clients for different projects. 


I can’t finish off without telling you about Saket Singh Kumar, the founder of ECT and the founder and CEO of SixPL– the best mentor you could have. He is so much dedicated to the work he does;  seeing him do it makes you inspired. If you are looking for an instructor who would go on to teach you from scratch and would never fail to give you the individual attention you need; he is the right person. He has the best team of co-workers, who are always ready to answer all your queries, and make you feel like you are a part of them.




Many of us have an aversion towards anything that is online- online shopping, online trading, and ofcourse online classes. I myself had this stereotype in my mind that online things can’t be any better than offline things. But ECT just broke it off from the first class itself. I didn’t know online classes could be this fun and interesting. As I told you earlier, Saket sir is an amazing mentor; his way of teaching keeps you hooked until the very end. 


I know what you are thinking, “but online classes means less interaction”, and I will tell you, “only in your imagination.” During the three months course there wasn’t a single day, when I didn’t ask silly questions and talked about whatever that came to my mind during the class. And it was the same with everyone else in the class. The good side of online classes that most of us fail to notice is that it gives an opportunity for those who are shy or hesitant to talk; it gives them a chance to come forward and speak their heart out. You will be attending the class at the comfort of your house, and there will be no eyes staring at you while you speak out something. This gives you confidence and lets you be an active participant in the class. 


I think this is the best opportunity for working men and women, who think their time for attending classes is over, and for those young writers who think only offline class will provide them exposure, you might get it wrong this time. ECT’S online classes give you all the exposure you need and more, with the activities and projects they provide; I should say that instead of being a monotonous and boring theory class, it is a more lively and interactive class with more practical sessions. If you miss this opportunity to attend the best online content writing course in Kochi, then I should say it will be a great loss for you. 


Why did I choose ECT?


A few months before, I remember asking one of my seniors in school who was a freelance writer, how she made it to that position. Sadly, she didn’t give me any response and I thought to myself, “simply because I love writing doesn’t mean I can be a content writer or a freelance writer like her.” But then what happened? “ECT happened”, and it completely changed my life. It’s true that before choosing ECT content writing course, I came across many other online courses that had similar claims of “helping you to become a content writer within one month, two month” , and so on. But when I researched more about ECT, it felt more authentic and trustable. They were offering free demo classes, and I thought, “Why not? Don’t join the class if you don’t like it.” That one demo class was enough for me. I found what I was looking for in that class. And believe me, I enrolled myself immediately after the class, fearing that there slots would get filled. 


At ECT, at first I felt like I was introduced to a new world, cause I didn’t know anything about content writing and things related to it. But it felt good; it felt good to learn new things, and know more about things that you were always curious about. It was a period of self discovery for me. The course introduced me to different types of writing and challenged me to test my own capabilities. And at each step, the whole team would be cheering on you, and if they see you struggle, they will come running to lend their hand. I can proudly say that I have been a part of the best content writing course in Kochi, and hadn’t I met them, I would still be sitting idle, wondering how to become a content writer. 


Saket sir would always tell us, “the more you write, the better”, and would make us write more and more; with each class, we kept improving and kept getting better. Along with the class activities, we had several assignments that made us know more about each type of writing style. These assignments have helped me to evaluate myself and find out what kind of writing suited me. We also had live projects, where we took on projects from real clients. This was like a practice for us, before we got into the real world of content writing. There were deadlines and client feedback which gave me a clear idea of how to deal with a real project. 


I have no words for the support they provide after the completion of the course. I have known many people who found themselves stuck even after completing a content writing course, not knowing how to get it started. You will never face such a difficulty with ECT’S content writing course. They will not sit back until they see you growing as a content writer. They provide great placement assistance; either they engage you with their own projects or help you get other clients, in whatever way, you will not find yourself without a project after the course completion. What else do you need if the course you take up comes with assured job opportunities. 


I can’t emphasize more how great it felt to be a part of ECT. I have never felt this satisfied after making a decision of which I was not certain at the beginning. If you are looking for a place where you can see yourself transform into a better person, just go for it. Nurture your passion for writing and be a successful content writer with ECT- the best online content writing course in Kochi.


content writing course in kochi

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A seeker of the unknown, a discoverer of the known, and a persistent soul hoping to grasp a glimpse of this universe. I write when I can no longer cage my emotions; when they set themselves free with a loud roar. I would love to call myself a writer, but I am just a happy sad soul who is madly in love with words and phrases. 


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