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Are you looking for best content writing course in Coimbatore? Here, I am sharing my first-hand experience of how landed into the best content writing course in Coimbatore and what I exactly got out of it.


Best Content Writing Course in Coimbatore


ECT offers the best content writing course in Coimbatore. Before I share my journey at ECT, let me introduce myself.

I am a passionate writer who opines on every worldly matter. As an avid reader of Newspapers and fiction, I have aspired to write my thoughts about world affairs and stories on any random platform that gave me opportunities. After a short stint in a Content writing course, I now happily work as a freelancer and blogger, researching and penning down various topics. It is a job I have taken up with all my satisfaction that befits my flair and passion extremely.


My journey at ECT


I belong to the southern part of the country, a city called Coimbatore. A bustling and upcoming city that is a pivot for booming IT companies and hardware industries. The weather here is a relief factor in the whole of south India, as cool breezes fill this place frequently. It is one of the coolest regions of all south India put together, very near to the famous hill station Ooty.  The city has been extensively expanding its infrastructures and technology to boost employment for the current generation of youngsters. People from other parts of the country flock here to pursue their college education or find a job.

I spent 8 years of my professional life working for a reputed software company in Coimbatore. It filled my pockets and kept me busy, but somewhere the urge to catch up on my dream job kept lingering. I decided finally to renounce the high-paid job to follow my passion as a writer. I submitted open page articles to newspapers and had a small stint in fiction writing, but the real surfacing of an aspirational career did not happen until recently. That is when I decided to take up a course that would train and polish my writing skills to a better version. I chose ECT Content Writing Course and pursued it online.


What is Content Writing?


Writing, as a field, is very subjective and creative. It has many facets and types that pertain to different purposes. As creative writers, we often have a flair for fiction or story writing, but familiarizing the standards and requisites for other forms of writing makes us a complete writer. Content writing courses help us to understand the intricacies and depth of different varieties of writing.

Web content writing, business writing, technical writing, academic writing, Copywriting, and journal writing are some types of writing that content writing courses in general cover. The course also majorly improves the prospects of marketing our content. It also deals with the methods and procedures involved in creating a piece of proper and exceptional content that scores better in readability.

Pursuing this course can increase the potential of settling a career in the writing field. As the course propels our confidence to pick any topic and write, it also improves our writing style to suit the standards and quality of different clients. It helps to secure a better content writing career in general by fine-tuning your writing skills to a larger extent.


What do you do in a Content Writing job?


As content writers, we become the voice of any company or clients we work for. The specialty of this line of field is it incorporates every professional medium. Be it software, marketing, advertising, or any other business services, including press writers, are all the areas content writers are used exclusively. Especially in marketing and advertising, Content writing jobs play a crucial role, where writers get to market the products and increase their reach worldwide.

Words are the strongest tool that resonates with people and this job is dedicated to that sole purpose. As content writers, we target the appropriate audience and section of people to sell our thoughts and products. The benefits of this job extend to polish and spruce up our writing skills as well. Business management is also an area where content writers are demanded in a heap as they are used for drafting business plans and estimates (reports).

In recent times, the demand for the job has expanded considerably. As profession and education have been digitalized to a larger extent, the need for writers has also shot up nowadays. When we finish our content writing course, choosing an appropriate field and landing a job there should be an easy choice these days.


Best Content Writing Course in Coimbatore


As Coimbatore is a flourishing city of migrated and talented professionals, the competence to excel in any field comes with lots of efforts and talents. Content Writing in Coimbatore is demanding and a popular field that has been garnering wide employment opportunities in the recent past. As a budding writer and someone who wanted to expand my horizon as a writer, I was in a position to choose the best course that would guarantee good knowledge and post-course support. ECT, A Delhi-based Premier Institute certified by the Government of India has branches sprawled all over the country. This course came to my awareness from a few of my north-Indian friends who recommended this as the best content writing course in Coimbatore. Since it branched across the country and was available for virtual classes, I chose this course and applied for it after minor contemplation.

In Hindsight, I have now come to realize that this is indeed the best content writing course in Coimbatore. Without a doubt, the institute serves us with the best training which fuels our knowledge and also helps us land an appropriate job that fits our passion. It has helped me spruce up and polish my art of writing and has also boosted the confidence to suit my writing styles to various topics. Now, after a 3-month training in ECT, the best content writing course in Coimbatore, I am able to flex my writing style to adapt to different fields and clients easily. I am also enjoying my stint as a freelance writer and a blogger in the short span of 3 months.


Experience in ECT Content Writing Course


Being an aspiring writer, I joined the course with lots of expectation and diligence. If passion drives us to do something, we would do that with heart and soul. Three months of exclusive training and hands-on experiences of live projects have filled me with confidence. It has met my expectations and the support I have been receiving from the institute after the course has been immense and satisfactory.

As the growing pandemic laid restrictions on engaging in live classes, online classes helped me to cope up in better ways. Content writing courses can be accommodated online easily. As the new age normal goes, digitalization has bridged our distances considerably to pursue any career we want virtually. Hence any type of education can be imbibed online and the effects going forward will be as good as live classes. Choosing an online course can help us steer through any field and get through a formidable career as well. I joined ECT, a Content writing course in Coimbatore online, and attended my virtual classes during weekends.

We went through with every stream of writing like academic writing, technical writing, business writing, copywriting, and journal writing, etc. The training was very detailed and descriptive. The sessions were interactive and clear enough for us to get the nuances of all forms of writing. Each form of writing has its own intricacies and specific approach. All those methods were inculcated by the ECT instructor clear enough for us to understand and work on them.

As writers, we are all prone to some inhibitions while attempting to write on topics that are out of our comfort zone. However, after taking up this course in ECT, those hesitations were wiped off. We were given multiple topics to try our hand at. There were individual projects for every form of writing and the ratings were given after a careful analysis of our submission. Each student was rated, and the mistakes were pointed out with clarity. This helped me to fine-tune and polish my skills. It also made me comfortable to research and write about any topic at random.

After the completion of virtual classes, we were tested with live projects from different clients. This gave us a check on reality and our position in the global market of a content writing career. They were marked and rated giving us an idea about the depth of our understanding.

All in all, this has been the best content writing course in Coimbatore which mended and moulded my ways to become a better writer. The instructor, Mr. Saket Singh, was very helpful and patient enough with students and tended to our doubts with clarity and composure to the maximum. Even after the certification, he has been very approachable and helpful in guiding us through our careers.

Saket sir is adept in his field and well informed of ways to earn a career in writing including the technical requirements that complement the profession. His methods and teachings are of great help to date to secure a job and climb the ladder in the field.

To have a sneak peek at his expertise, we can refer to YouTube videos of his lessons. One of the samples which I liked the most is https://youtu.be/p7wQobY-p-M.


This explains the high-paying career option for writing. To have a rough idea of storytelling and creative writing. Please watch the video https://www.youtube.com/EducationCareerTimes?sub_confirmation=1


TO know more about the course and details regarding that, please navigate to https://ect.co.in/content-writing-courses/




Writer’s Bio: I am a passionate writer who renounced a high-paying job to pursue a career in writing. It has been a wonderful journey of 3 months of learning the art of content writing and working on it. I am a freelance writer working my way up to garner recognition and make it big in the field. Currently enjoying the career with all its challenges as writing is all that keeps me upbeat.