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ECT (Education & Career Times) offers the best content writing course in Chandigarh. I have attended the course and below is my first-hand experience with ECT. 


My Journey as a Content Writer


Being an Army brat, I frequently found myself bouncing from city to city and in virtually all the states of India. Having traveled almost the entire country due to my father’s profession, I got exposure to all sorts of cultures, people, and lifestyles. Yet, I couldn’t find any place in India better than Chandigarh. The reason could lie in the rich Punjabi culture, amicable people, pristine gardens, or the super-delicious food, but there’s something inexplicably special about this city! 


Perhaps the reason for my adoration for Chandigarh could rest in the fact that it was here I discovered my passion for writing. 

best content writing course in chandigarh

Chandigarh – The City Beautiful

When I realized that I had a knack for fiddling with words, I often crept into my fantasyland and dreamt of being a writer and authoring a thriller book. I repeatedly fantasized about continuing the legacy of Dame Agatha Christie after being an ardent fan of her books for so long. But how could I become an adept writer with unpolished skills? 


Having clocked that immaculate writing is an inherent skill and cannot be taught, I dropped the idea of opting for it as a career option. I believed that writing is not something that can be taught but it is an art that comes from within. I was right, but only to some extent. 


A few months after this disappointing realization, I was surfing through the internet and came across something called “content writing”. Well, the profession appeared to be self-explanatory. Nonetheless, I decided to research the field in depth. I was blown away by the career prospects offered by content writing. I was like “so you’re telling me I can get paid extensively for doing something that I absolutely love?”. It seemed too good to be true. But again, I was haunted by the thought that I was not skilled enough to be a professional writer and that I cannot be trained for the same.


Just when I had given up on all hope, the prowess of the Internet struck back! I came across an article about Opportunities in Content writing published by a writing training institute called Education and Career Times (ECT). At that time, I didn’t realize I was glaring at an article that would change my life for the good! I was fascinated by the eloquence of the article. Much to my glee and surprise, the institute offered a comprehensive content writing course at a fairly reasonable price. I thought, what’s the harm in giving it a shot, I had nothing to lose, right? 


Without giving it much thought, I registered myself and watched their demo video. And let me be honest here, it was nothing short of excellence. The educator a.k.a Mr. Saket clearly appeared to be a veteran of the field. The 3-hour lecture gave me more insights about writing than I gained after 12 years of schooling. And that’s saying something! Without any second thoughts, I paid the fee and frantically waited for the first class. By the end of this course, which by the way is the best content writing course in the country, I was astounded by how much I have developed as a writer. Hitherto, I was illusioned to think that writing couldn’t be taught, but all these preconceived notions dropped dead once I was done with the course and was all set to begin my career as a content writer. ECT most certainly offers the best content writing course in the country by a mile. The outcome of the course was brilliant, to say the least, which I will discuss next. 



Benefits of Content Writing Careers 


Writing is an art that most people dedicate their lives to, and for good reasons. Not only is content writing an expressive field, but it has countless other benefits that will leave you dumbfounded. If you’re someone like me who prefers to work while traveling, or have flexible work hours, or even wish to be her own boss, you may find heaven in a field like content writing. However, do not be illusioned to believe it’s easy. I repeat, do not think content writing is easy! Much like any other work field, it requires commitment, hard work, and wits. However, once you grasp the basic concepts of writing, you could wield your pen much like how Arya Stark wielded her needle! Here are some of the benefits that you will find in content writing as a career!

Freedom to work from anywhere

You could be sitting in London, New York, New Delhi, or enjoying the sandy beaches of Bali, yet you could continue to work without any impediment at all! Sounds like Utopia? But this is our reality! We freelance content writers are not concerned with where we are. Our location has no impact on our work at all! We can work from any part of the world, as long as that region has a functioning internet connection. But that would not be a problem unless you’ve retreated into the caves. 

best content writing course in chandigarh aditi sharma

Its me – Aditi Sharma


Flexible work hours 

Just like our location, the timing of our work too, plays no significant role, unless you’re a full-time writer. Full-time writers may have to follow the usual 9-5 clock. However, freelance writers get much flexibility when it comes to getting their work done, as long as they can meet the tight deadlines. 


Availability of work on a plethora of topics and subjects 

As a content writer, you will be expected to research and write about a plethora of topics. This could range from technical topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things, to topics relating to Beagles and Golden Retrievers! With such a vast range, you would be exposed to an ocean of knowledge! Certainly, it’s an absolute treat for inquisitive people like me who are ever-hungry for knowledge!


You are your own boss

The field of content writing allows you to be your own boss. As a freelance writer, you’re at the liberty to say “no” to a client, or engage in a discussion on an equal footing. There is no boss-employee relationship, but a client-writer relationship, which boils down to equals. You’re practically your own boss as you choose your own work time, and workload.



How to Become a Content Writer 

how to become a content writer


I have 4 words for you. Learn to write well. That’s it! That’s all you need to become successful as a content writer.  However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. To become a content writer, you need the ability to funnel complex thoughts into simple language that can be understood by anybody! Furthermore, you need to have enough intellect to grasp any topic or subject thrown at you. Once you sharpen your skills as a writer, the rest of the journey is a landslide. Here are a few things that you need to do to incept a career as a professional content writer. 


Build a Portfolio and Resume

Just like any other profession, content writers need to build a portfolio and a resume as well. The portfolio is the first link between you and a potential client. Your client will use your portfolio to select or reject you, you simply cannot go wrong with it. The portfolio will consist of the best projects you have worked on thus far. It needs to reflect your unique writing style, your versatility, and your ability to work on any topic thrown at your face!


Develop your social media presence 

Social media is the perfect way to let everybody know that you are a writer. Use your social media handles, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profiles, and let your peers know that you have become a professional writer! The best way to garner clients is through LinkedIn. Once you headline yourself as a content writer and begin to upload your work, rest assured, you will receive a herd of clients. Be sure to leave a nifty impression on them!


Start a Blog 

Creating a blog has now become as easy as baking a cake! You could register yourself with any Content Management system and get a free blog in no time! This is the best way to flaunt your writing skills. Plus, having your own blog would also look attractive on the resume. Having a blog also gives you a sense of authority on the internet. You make yourself known on the world wide web and you could earn a ton of money while doing it!


Create your profile on Freelancer or Upwork 

With freelancing apps popping up each day, connecting with potential clients has been made easier. You could create your profile and have the clients connect with you or vice-verse to expand your clientele. Websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are excellent places to start!



Best Content Writing Course In Chandigarh 


If you think you want to make a career out of your impeccable writing skills, but you’re consummately in dark about where to start, I suggest you give a shot at a comprehensive content writing course. Content writing courses give you unreal insight and enlightenment about what to write, how to write, for whom to write, and how much to charge for the write-ups. 


If you choose to join a content writing course, you could sharpen your writing skills and further your career. Moreover, you could quickly climb the corporate ladder and establish yourself as an adept writer in no time. From my own experience, I have found Education and Career Times to be the best content writing course in Chandigarh! The competent team of this institute would assist you in honing your larva of skill and bloom it into an exquisite butterfly. What makes ECT the best content writing course in Chandigarh? Wow, this could be long. Sit tight, guys. 



Why did I choose ECT?


Coming across ECT was a happy coincidence! I was thinking of starting a career in writing but had no clue where to begin. Thus, I did a simple google search and before I knew it, I was reading an impressive article about content writing and all that it entails. By the end of the article, I realized that it was published by ECT and that they offer an online content writing course. I beamed with happiness at my laptop and did not waste any time in signing up. By the end of my first class, I couldn’t help but marvel at the excellence of my educator. I quickly realized that I made an excellent decision by enrolling myself in their course. And to receive all those insightful classes right from the comfort of my couch? Hallelujah! 


Perhaps this is the best feature of this institute. The provision of online classes makes it possible for anyone in the country, nay the world, to attend the invaluable lectures delivered by ECT! Furthermore, if you’re someone like me whose very apprehensive about physical classes or find adverts on the internet to be shady, the online content writing course of ECT is the best place for you. Indeed, the course offered by ECT has to be THE best content writing course in Chandigarh, or anywhere for that matter!


The classes at ECT generally begin at noon, so you’re spared from waking up early and counting on caffeine to keep you focused. Another reason why I adored the course with these people. At this institute, you’re taught everything about content writing, and I kid you not when I say EVERYTHING! From instructing all the writing styles to secrets of persuading your readers, to the guide to make big bucks from your writing skills, everything has been included in the curriculum. Furthermore, the weekly assignments of ECT on a myriad of writing styles allow you to develop enormously as a writer. Take a little peek at their expertise from the videos on their YouTube Channel.


The course signs off with a series of Live Projects. This is the best part! In Live projects, you get real-clients to deal with. While the assignments are meant to test your skills and progress so far, live projects are in a whole different league. This time, the ECT staff trusts you with real-clients. They put enormous faith in the students they’ve taught and pass on some of their projects to the students. This is what makes live projects exhilarating and different from assignments. It’s the real deal! Trust me, 3 months with these people, and you will come out the other side a writing savant. You will be equipped with all the knowledge, expertise, and tools to write effectively about anything that is thrown at your face. That’s the beauty of this course and the sole reason why it’s the best writing course in Chandigarh! 


Once you’re done with the ECT course, you begin another relationship with this institute. From sharing a bond of student and teacher, you then share a different bond of client and writer. The Post-Certification Support of the ECT is another marvelous feature of their course. As soon as you’re finished with the course, the institute will flood your email with writing opportunities. Whether you want to be a full-time writer or a freelance writer, you can find all sorts of opportunities via this institute. Education and Career Times indeed defeats all its competitors and sweeps the award for the Best Content Writing Course in Chandigarh. 



Writer’s Bio 


Aditi is a content writer who has worked on a plethora of writing genres and styles. A writer by day and a reader by night, she graduated with a degree in English Honors which allowed her to pursue her passion for writing. She has now worked with a profusion of clients, both domestic and International. She does not shy away from challenging herself with versatile and intricate projects. Apart from writing, she also relishes a healthy discourse once in a while. Her other hobbies include traveling and playing the piano. She has a grade 3 piano certificate from Trinity College, London.