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In this blog, I am sharing my personal experience of ECT’s Advanced Content Writing Course is the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar.

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Which is the Best Content Writing Course in Bhubaneswar?


Before I explain the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar, let me introduce myself:


Personal Introduction


I, Komal Kheria, am currently a content writer, and a former sales manager. I worked in the sales and marketing field for three years and somehow it never settled well with the inner me. I didn’t want to pursue that career as it was not soul satisfactory for me and I was looking for different career options. 


As a hardcore bibliophile, I am always fascinated with books and love to spend my spare time with them. Sailing through the fascinating stories and books, I discovered a passion for writing. Then I wrote some articles and blogs on various social media sites. As my blogs started to gain attention of readers, a thought to be a content writer started to take shape and the journey began with searching for the best content writing course in my city Bhubaneswar.


About Smart City Bhubaneswar


These days the smart city Bhubaneswar is the hub of newly set startups and promising entrepreneurs. In the race of industrial and commercial opportunities, our chief minister’s program MAKE IN ODISHA helped the capital city Bhubaneswar alot to grow perispherically. Not only industrial estates and start-ups, but Bhubaneswar hosts amazing educational centers too and is called an educational hub in nearby areas. These educational centers include world class schools, degree and postgraduate colleges and universities to small skill centers for various technical and non-technical vocational courses too. 


Though I belong to a city with so many handsome opportunities, I just couldn’t connect myself with the curriculum of different content writing courses available and my search continued for the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar.


A brief Discussion About Content Writing


Content writing includes all the information that we see on the web. It started with the planning, drafting, designing and even developing the content mostly to achieve the digital marketing goals. The basic purpose of content writing is digital marketing with the help of blogs, articles, web pages and different contents like videos, scripts and podcasts. 


As our country is walking on its way towards digitization, the run for web content is like a race now and with the borders of the web is broadening continuously, fortune lies in it truly incomparable. But at the same time, with growing future aspects, the competition is also unparalleled. Therefore, to stand-out in the crowd of competitors and moreover to study the meticulous details, I decided to go for the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar.


Benefits of Content Writing Careers


Incomparable future scope is a great advantage of choosing the content writing career, but this is not all. Apart from this one, we can easily list down a number of benefits of this career such as,


Flexible timings and work space

As a stay at home mother, I always wanted to choose a career that I can pursue from my comfort place and I wouldn’t leave my baby behind. So, for me, and many mothers there like me, it’s an absolutely win-win situation as with this career, I can have a great job with satisfactory results, and my baby didn’t need to wait to see me for a whole day long staying with some stranger nanny. It brought a balance in my life.


Creativity in Diversity


A content writer has to work on various projects of different sectors. These projects give the diverse expansion of your knowledge and a writer’s creative ability to play with words adds a particular charm to your content. This diversity not only adds to your knowledge, but gives you a fresh feel every time you start to write and keeps you away from a monotonous mundane job experience.

Earn Extra Bucks

As a freelance writer, you are the boss of your job and you can decide your paycheck too. Sometimes it gives you extra pleasure to add some bucks to your normal income by writing one more project. So, it’s not only about flexible time and place, but flexible income too. I can now choose to work overtime whenever I see a big expense looming closer.


Personality and knowledge growth

Apart from all other aspects, I personally feel that this career has changed myself. Perhaps being an earning hand in my patriarchal family boosts my self confidence. Along with this, the course enables me to research through various topics, collect and design information into content, and write it in the correct way. The whole process empowers my knowledge, brushes-up the requisite skills and builds a new version of me inside me.


These we can count as benefits of content writing. The best content writing course of Bhubaneswar brushed-up my skills that build a new personality with a fresh perspective in me.


How to Become a Content Writer


To become a content writer, first you need to decide whether you want to be a content writer or a good content writer. For me, it’s more important to be a good content writer and my journey started with searching for the best content writing course in my city. A passion for writing, an understanding of content and targeted audience, and a good vocabulary; these are the part and parcel of content writing and helped me alot during the course. After completing the course, now it’s time to build my portfolio.


So these are the steps, I followed to be a content writer,


  1. Built my portfolio and added my blogs and articles, all my fictional works on it too.
  2. Started writing articles and blogs on various social media sites.
  3. Created my blog for all my writing works.
  4. Started bidding on freelancing, created my profile on it.
  5. Joined ipub, and linkedin. Optimized my linkedin profile.
  6. Applied for full-time writing jobs.


These are the steps I took to be a content writer, but before all this, I decided my niche, and tried to gain expertise on that. For this purpose, I joined the writing course, precisely the best content writing course and my mentor helped me alot to understand every nick-pick of the content writing.


Best Content Writing Course in Bhubaneswar


Once I decided to be the content writer and searched for a course to serve the purpose, obviously I wanted it to be the best. Though most of the writing courses were focused on just one or two niches, and had very short term crash courses or small curriculums, I didn’t want to take those. 


The designed structure of the curriculum was the most important thing I was looking for. I attended several demo classes and workshops just to find the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar and finally got it, when one day someone recommended me ECT.


ECT Content Writing Course


One of my friends, sent me a link to the Instagram profile of ECT, which I browsed and found interesting. I applied for demo class and that one hour was literally a life changing experience for me. I actually made a checklist before making a decision, and surprisingly ECT got the most of that. Here is my checklist. Take a look:


  • Certification from Government certified institute.
  • Reviews of course and institute.
  • Curriculum and duration of the course.
  • Testimonials of previous students.
  • After course support.
  • Fee of the course.
  • Career Support after the course.


So, before looking for the course, I checked these and found ECT has it all. It is actually the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar according to my preference and convenience, so I decided to join it online. 




ECT has offline classes too, but as it was a lockdown period due to covid-19, I decided to go for online classes. These classes are as good as offline. Our mentor sir guided us well, gave us all the time to understand and entertain each of our enquiries too. This was the best learning experience and indeed the best content writing course for me.


Why I chose ECT


The content writing course in ECT is very well-designed and structured, that successfully touched every important aspect of writing. As I mentioned previously too, that curriculum was very important. In ECT, the curriculum was very well-planned and felt complete. 


Content writing is not only about writing attractive words, but it is weaving and structuring the effective words efficiently and correctively. From grammatical errors to comma rules, vocabulary to capitalisation rules, ECT covers it all properly. It also helped a lot to build a portfolio right from making a resume to a LinkedIn profile and even freelancer account. 


Apart from these, the mentor himself has it all. He is not only a good writer, but a good human being and a darn good guide. When I took the demo class, his honesty and simplicity hit me right in place and I immediately knew that I have to do this. So far so good, but this was life changing for me, indeed ‘the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar’.




The content writing course of ECT is not huddled in one or two classes and workshops, but it is very efficiently divided into classes, assignments and even live projects.



The classes are taken by Mr. Sakst Singh himself. His way of teaching and training is so effectively simple, that before you know, you would grasp everything very well. Even though the classes are 3 hours long, it never felt lethargic, repeated and even a slightest boring. He guides well, teaches wonderfully, entertains queries and even repeated the information patiently until any one of the students didn’t understand properly. His small working tasks in between the classes keeps you energetic and attentive throughout the class. 


I recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel of ECT.


Subscribe it now and experience the world class knowledge of writing from the mentor himself. You will definitely find it the best content writing course. 


Live projects

The curriculum includes one assignment per week and after 7 assignments, or precisely after 7 weeks when it comes to doing live projects, I actually felt myself well-prepared for that. The course has 5 live projects in total, that is very efficiently distributed, so that we can learn every aspect of writing. I don’t think any other institution will provide their live projects to newbies just to learn, but ECT takes this pain, and ensures that not only you learn theories of writing but understand and experience it too. 


If I am saying that this is the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar, this is not an air-castle. 

Open this page and see the curriculum.


Take a demo class, or just subscribe to the YouTube channel, you will experience it yourself. 


Post Certification Support

Here comes the other best and most unique feature of this course, or I should say ECT. ECT doesn’t leave my hand even after completion of the course, but once I started to do better in live projects, I got mails of openings in various companies to apply for. And even now too, ECT assigned me so many different projects and paid me well. Until now, whenever I faced a situation in my career, I talked to Saket sir, and without any hesitation he gave me his precious time and guided me well. I think no other course will provide so much assistance even after the course. ECT’s well-designed course and humanly career support indeed makes it the best content writing course in Bhubaneswar.


Writer’s Bio


My name is Komal Kheria.  Lately, I discovered myself more in the world of words. I kept exploring with words, imagination, and expression which gave birth to new ideas. Accordingly, last year I started writing some short stories, poetries and a number of blogs on various platforms.


Currently, I am an active member of Momspresso, freelance.com, ipub and Wattpad. I regularly post blogs and participate in online poetry and write up competitions. Now, after the certification and learning from ECT, I am looking forward to more opportunities and resume my career as a content writer after a break of five years.


Before I took a break from my Professional life, I had been associated with various corporates for a span of four years in the field of HR and Marketing. My experience includes working with ICICI Bank, IFCL, and Innodust Technologies. I have been awarded as the best employee twice during my short career. 


I am a certified Cuemath Teacher Partner. I have taught over thirty children during the last three years. Experimenting with various types of human behavior, I generated ideas for my blogs.


My educational background includes an MBA in HR and Marketing and a Bachelor’s in Commerce.