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Are you looking for the best content course in Colombo?


Great. You are at the right place. Being a freelance writer from Colombo, I will help you choose the right content writing course that you can do from Colombo.


Before I tell you more about the best content writing course in Colombo, let me introduce myself.


I am Azka, a freelance writer from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Reading and writing have been my all-time interest. I love spending time in nature and volunteering for community projects. I always have been longing to develop a career that I can fall in love with every day. At school, I loved learning language and literature. Hence, I chose English Literature and Psychology for my degree. I believe I have set the right foundation for my career.


After completing college, I started to further explore writing so that I can take it up full time. I ended up discovering content writing, my dream job I would say. I had to take up content writing courses to understand the fundamentals.


How I found a perfect content writing course in Colombo?


When I started my career, I started looking for a complete course to boost my confidence and improve my writing skills. I started search terms like “content writing courses in Colombo,” hoping to find many such courses. However, I was not satisfied with local training providers.


Colombo is a major tourist destination situated on the west coast of the island. It has a mixture of commercial centers and memorial architectural buildings. You can call it a multicultural and multi-ethnic hub. The city is a major financial hub. However, there are not enough local good quality courses that cover all aspects of content writing. Moreover, the institutes are not recognized that means the quality can’t be assured. 


While doing the research, I came across ECT’s Advance Content Writing Course. Although the institution is based out of New Delhi, India, however, ECT offers all its courses through online mode. That means you can attend the course from anywhere in the world. After attending the Free Demo Class from ECT, I found that the course is quite interactive and much better than any local content writing course in Colombo.


Before I tell you more about why I chose ECT and various aspects of ECT’s Advanced Content Writing Course, let me give you a brief idea about content writing and career options in this field.


What is Content Writing?

Content Writing has become one of the most popular independent careers today. It is more of a form of online writing for digital platforms. You write to create websites and sell or promote products and services. You need to work based on client requirements. SEO plays an important role in content writing. 


Understanding clients’ requirements and achieving the business goals through content is the key to success in content writing.  You don’t need to be an expert in English language to become a content writer. Rather, you can be a great content writer if you have either experience, imagination, or observations skills. Any one of these would be sufficient to become a writer.         

Watch this video to know more about what is content writing.


Why content writing as a career option?

Content writing is a way to earn money in a flexible way. People have successfully made it their main source of income. You also can go for it for a supplementary income. You will not have heavy rules and regulations. Most of the time you can work in your own space and time wherever you want. Basically, you become your own boss. When you do content writing, you get a wide range of experience through various projects.                

Watch this video to know more about career options in content writing.

How to Become a Content Writer?

Content writing is a fulfilling career that is highly in-demand. Do your own research to find out what content writing is. All you have to do is to get started. You cannot keep wondering and wait for your dream to happen. Make writing a fun activity that you enjoy doing regularly. That way you will overcome your mental blocks and gain confidence. Look into what type of writing you would love to do. Do not make money your goal at the beginning. Take every small opportunity to learn and grow. As the next step, you need to invest in a reliable content writing course. A mentor will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and tell you ways to overcome the weaknesses.

Watch this video to know how to become a content writer.

Get certified from a recognized institute to stand out in the marketplace. Try working on a few real projects to gain confidence to deal with real-life challenges.


In fact, that is where I chose ECT Content writing course which acted as a catalyst in my career.


So far, I have told you about content writing. Now, let me tell you my experience with the course why I consider ECT Advanced Content Writing Course the best content writing course in Colombo.


ECT Content Writing Course

Talking about the ECT content writing course, I would say investing in it is one of the major milestones in my career. It made a world of difference in understanding content writing. We had theory and practice sessions that enabled us to apply everything we learned in class. The trainers are well experienced and renowned writers from India. The practical knowledge and experience they shared with us were incredible.


We had to do assignments after the completion of each module. Lectures were easy to understand. With every class, I felt more confident with what I wrote. I could spot my mistakes and improve with all the feedback given. I would say this content writing course will make a huge change in developing a promising career. Without a doubt, it is the best content writing course in Colombo. 


We have to do live projects during this course. These are client projects that the institute assigns to students. Live projects were fresh from the client, nothing like classwork or assignments. After doing a few of the live projects, I realized that I am actually capable of writing whatever the client wants. I felt happy and satisfied. Hence there was no better content writing course I came across. 


You may request a free demo class at https://ect.co.in/content-writing-courses/ to get to know about the content writing course better. 


You may attend the ECT course from anywhere in the world. It is available online. I might not have followed the course if it was not online. I found this online course much convenient. I could learn in my space at my own speed. It was not much different from onsite classes. We had interactive sessions, where we spoke up and discussed the lessons like in any traditional classroom. The only difference it made for me was I felt more comfortable and stress-free.


With all the research I did, I understood that ECT had produced competent writers. When I went through their brochures the sessions just included everything I badly wanted to study. I learned that the founder and CEO of ECT is a leading writer. I thought learning from someone’s real-life experience could be great. So that I can get an idea about how I can shape my own career. I felt they were sincere and working hard to deliver the best. The curriculum they have developed is unique and promising. 


Subscribe to the YouTube channel of ECT to learn the basics of content writing. 


Placement Opportunities at ECT


Completing the content writing course is not the end of the relationship with ECT. Once you gain the certification, they will help you find work opportunities. You will get support to get to know companies who may hire you. ECT will also provide you with projects based on how well you perform. 


Author’s Bio


Azka Nilawfer


I am a research assistant as well as a freelance writer. I record and analyze research data, write reviews and reports of research findings, and present it to the senior manager. I undertake writing projects including articles, report writing, proofreading, and editing and translations (Tamil to English translations). 

I am a graduate of the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.  I had taken English and Psychology courses for my degree.