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The competition in the modern scenario is increasing at a rapid pace. It can be very well seen that Information Technology has upgraded itself with each and every passing year starting from the year 1995 till date. Similarly, the competition amongst all individuals, be it fresh graduates or experienced persons, is increasing at a similar rate. The newly pass out graduates or post graduates are the ones who needs to decide wisely on which is their right career path. They can choose their career path based on their knowledge domain or expertise. Some can even pave their own way and become budding entrepreneurs rather than pursuing a 9 to 5 job. The coming year 2016 will bring with it a new hope for fresh graduation and post graduation pass outs. Based on my experience I have managed to identify the top five career options for them in the coming year.


Software Application Developer


The students who look forward to promote their career in this field should possess a minimum Bachelor’s degree in IT or Computer science. There is an indispensable need of practical training for new entrants in this field. As the prospects in software development are high, the new entrants can expect a starting salary of 25,000 per month along with yearly hikes.


In today’s scenario software applications have not only grown but they have become a lifestyle. As the mobile industry continues to grow, most experts believe that the software application development job is going to see a 23 percent growth in the next 10 years. Nowadays, applications are available for almost anything that a decade ago nobody had ever imagined, starting from weight loss to driving and even metal detecting! For students looking forward to excel their career, they can take up this job in the coming year provided they have the relevant degree.


Financial Advisor


Due to an ever increasing retiring population, this has become one of the fastest growing career options. Experts agree that this option can grow to almost 30% in the next 10 years. It has been seen that people nowadays after retirement feel confused on how to plan their future investments and funds. Thus, financial advisory career can be very well taken up by those students who feel that they can alleviate this burden of the people.


Students, who plan to enter this field in 2016, must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or commerce. They can expect a starting salary of around 18,000 to 20,000 per month.


Business Development


This career has an ever increasing prospect, as sales and new client acquisition forms the basis for success in any business. Forming strategies and identifying new opportunities for client acquisition forms the basis of business development. Also maintaining healthy client relationships is essential. In fact, with an ever increasing numbers of new businesses, the scope for this career is huge. Occupations in Business and Financial operations will grow by 12.5 % by 2022. Hence, the opportunities in business development will grow even more.


Students aspiring to build their career in business development should possess at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or public relations. Along with this the primary requirement of this job is that a person must possess a smart, pleasing and well groomed personality, as client interactions form the basis of this job. As a fresher in this field, the initial salary might not be satisfactory for some individuals, but within a period of five years, based on his performance, one can see himself seated as a business development manager with a decent salary. The coming year 2016, will foresee the advent of new businesses and thus students can very well chose this career path.


Web Designer


Web designing has improved on an exponential scale since the last decade. With the incoming of the concept of digital marketing, web designing platform is expected to grow by more than 20% in the coming 10 years. The prospect of email marketing has received a boost in the modern era and the web designing techniques of this era incorporates this concept along with the site designing technique.


There is a vast scope for students in this field starting from the year 2016. Mostly those students who possess an innovative approach towards website designing can excel in this career path. Pursuing a certified website designing training course can prove to be an added advantage for them. The initial salary for a new entrant to this field can be in the range of 15,000 to 20,000 per month.  


Research Scientist


The profession of a research scientist depends on the type of research he is doing. It can be technical or medical research. The scope for success of an individual in this field is high provided the individual possess sound domain knowledge. This job in particular requires an individual to innovate his way into new possibilities and come up with something new be it technical innovation like dealing with developing a new software or medical innovation.


This job requires a person to posses at least a master’s degree in his relevant field of research. The research scientists’ are very highly paid by their employers as they are sometimes required to conduct extensive hours of sophisticated research. The prospects for this job is high for aspiring individuals and those who have an innovative mindset in their relevant fields like technology or medicine and want to go for high salaried jobs, can very well opt for this career choice.


With the advent of 2016, the above mentioned career options will provide a huge scope for students who have relevant degrees and knowledge in these fields. They can surely expect an exponential career success graph if they opt for any one of these.