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Choosing a right career option is often confusing. Ideally, it should be determined by your passion, strengths, and dreams. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of our potential, and so, tend to get confused while making a career choice. Many lack the skills required to outshine in their field despite being passionate about what they do.


In this blog, I will discuss a career path that is suitable for everyone. Professionals from diverse fields and age group can opt for it without hassles.

Content Development – An Evergreen Career Opportunity for Everyone


If you are planning to upgrade skills, switch career, start a new business, or earn money as a freelancer, do consider “content writing” as an option.


There are no eligibility criteria to develop a sound career in content writing. You just need to hone your writing skills.


8 reasons to upgrade your writing skills and develop a career in content:


Writers are in high demand


Writing is a form of communication that is used to educate, entertain or inspire an audience or just convey a message. Any book (coursework or otherwise) that you have ever read is written by someone. Behind every entertaining movie is an excellent screenwriter. A majority of what you read on the internet is written by a person who may or may not be an expert in a particular field, but they possess good writing skills.


The rapid growth of the digital economy has led to high demand for skilled writers. However, there is a shortage of good writers in the market. Even if you are an average writer, you can quickly get a job or earn a decent income as a freelancer without much struggle. Thus, go for a career option where talent demand outnumbers the supply.


Education, Degree, Stream, etc. Doesn’t Matter


Our digital marketing agency has writers from diverse disciplines like Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Medical, Business Administration, Mass Communication, etc.


In fact, there is a massive demand for good writers who are also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a particular field. It means every field requires good writers to put thoughts into action.


You will also find many bloggers who make tons of money without having a formal education. Of course, if you have an excellent pedigree, it will boost your prospects of earning more.


No Prior Experience Required


Experiences, at work or otherwise, always help. However, having work experience is not mandatory to become a successful writer. Start writing, seek feedback and work on it to refine your skills continuously. Soon you will see a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of the output. So, if you are a fresher and looking for an opportunity to kickstart your career, content writing is an outstanding option.


Employment or Career Gap is not a Barrier


In many sectors, the employment gap seems to be a sin. Candidates need to explain a lot to convince employers about the legitimacy of a lengthy employment gap. However, the story is entirely different in the content sector. Of course, you still need to explain to your prospective employers the long gap in your career. But the companies tend to ignore career gaps due to an extreme shortage of quality writers in the market.


Switching Career from any Field is Easy


Starting from scratch after years of experience is the biggest fear of switching to a new career path. It compels many professionals to stay in a depressive job despite their lack of interest in the field. But this trend is entirely different in the writing and content development field. You can use your skills and experience to become a Subject Matter Expert writer (Writers who are also Subject Matter Experts are hard to find in the market). Years of hard work, experience, and learning bring much-needed maturity in the content. Thus, you can switch your career without starting from scratch.


Helps in Moving up the Corporate Ladder


Having good writing skill helps you build careers even outside content writing domain. You will have options to either become a professional writer or complement your technical skills with writing capability to move up the corporate ladder more quickly and efficiently. An ability to write well will help you communicate with your clients, vendors, and colleagues efficiently.

You can differentiate yourself from the crowd and get a dream job by creating an outstanding resume and a cover letter. Asking for a raise, responding to complaints, handling an overseas project become a cakewalk if you know how to convey a message clearly.


Easy to Master Writing Skills


Like verbal communication, written communication plays a critical role in your career development. However, unlike oral communication (where you need to interact with others to improve it), you can transform your writing skills without a need to engage with others. It gives you the freedom to experiment and learn without fear of committing embarrassing mistakes. Thus, your personality type, oral communication, voice accent, etc., will never hamper your earning prospects. Therefore, it is far easier to master written communication as compared to verbal communication.


Location is Never a Constraint


You don’t need to rent an expensive flat in a metro city to get a job or earn money. If you have an internet connection, then you can work from the remotest area of the country and get overseas clients. Educated homemakers find this field particularly attractive as they can generate a stable income while fulfilling their family responsibilities. College students, working professionals, and retired officials also take it up on a part-time basis to create an additional source of income.


A Reality Check


Despite being in a lucrative domain, a majority of writers find it hard to make a living out of their profession. The reason? They lack the necessary skills and toolkit to market themselves. No matter how talented you are, writing ability is simply not enough to make the most out of your talent. You need to learn the nuances of writing business, and package yourself nicely and work smartly to succeed in a hypercompetitive marketplace.


After leaving a lucrative job, I started my entrepreneurial career as a freelance writer. In just 6-9 months, I started making around INR 2 lakh per month. Since then, it took me around six years to build an organization with a strength of more than thirty employees. However, you can achieve your financial goals much faster by avoiding the mistakes I made.


It is rightly said that


“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”


You have a chance to learn from my mistakes and save a lot of time and money. I had to spend hours on the internet searching for tips to improve writing skills and charge more for my services. Unfortunately, the internet has a sea of information, and it is extremely hard to filter the workable solutions from theoretical suggestions and philosophical preachings. Moreover, you have no one to provide genuine feedback and monitor progress. In fact, I have lost a lot of clients in the initial days by following impractical suggestions by so-called experts.


I have used my years of experience and business knowledge to develop a content writing course which imparts the necessary skills required not just to transform your writing skills but also to help writers sell their services more efficiently. The course also covers various ways to make money apart from selling content writing as a service.


The 3-months content writing training program ensures that budding writers have access to the necessary tools required to kick-start their career. The course also helps experience professionals recognize their strength, work on their weaknesses, identify the opportunities and package themselves better to increase their earnings significantly.


The course also offers an internship opportunity where you work on live projects. Direct feedback from the trainer (me) and the clients help you refine your skills and understand the nuances of content business.


Check our course details here or call Chaitali on 9318472163 to know more information about the same.


Do you have any question/queries regarding your career? Ask through comments, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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