Admission Notice

The First Step Forward

Every journey starts somewhere, and there is no better place to start your professional journey than at Education and Career Times. The services offered here at ECT are high-quality, exciting and engaging lessons that serve our clients well in their pursuit of better job opportunities and a bright, successful future.

Embarking on Your Journey

The first step in bolstering your education and getting a better shot at today’s job market is by applying to our program. The application process is a straightforward one that is laid out in the following set of instructions:

  • First, register online on this website by creating an account. It iss free and will serve as your go-to point for updates on your application and all other activities to be taken on this website, should you be accepted
  • Once you have registered and created your free account, look for the application feature on our website and use your account to register to ECT’s education and career guidance services
  • Once your application is received, we request that you wait until it has been processed and examined. Once the examination process has been completed, you will be notified of your status and whether or not you made the cut

A Closer Glance at the Process

The application process for ECT is a thorough and detailed process that examines the many factors that influence candidates’ choice for applying to ECT. In the application process, factors that are taken into consideration and placed under close scrutiny include

  • Language abilities, primarily with regards to English
  • Proficiency in mathematics
  • Leadership, communication, and other soft skills

We take great care in evaluating these factors and will accept those who seek improvement in these and other domains yet show promise and a willingness to improve and make strides for the road that lies ahead.

Other important factors we take into consideration include

  • Past academic performance and candidates’ academic and performance history has played out
  • Whether or not it has fluctuated and how often said performance has fluctuated
  • Candidates’ statements of purpose to gauge whether or not they are truly willing to go through the programs offered here in order to better their chances in the job market

Selection and Consideration

ECT receives volumes upon volumes of applications each period, which makes it difficult for our staff to answer every application immediately and instantaneously. Sometimes applicants may think of the selection process as the first test we offer on account of our staff’s rigorous evaluation practices.

In addition to the aforementioned criteria, we also try to make a best fit for candidates and our students; we tailor our programs and teaching depending on their career choices, previous academic experience, and other personal factors that affect a candidate’s decision to apply to our program, and eventually shape their career and future.


Upon selection, applicants will not be notified of their status via email or telephone. Instead, we will post admission notifications on this webpage as a quick, one-stop destination for candidates curious to determine their application status.

All admission-related notifications will be posted and displayed on this page, with supplemental information posted in the form of additional hyperlinks; for example, users will be redirected to admissions results, complete with names and status via hyperlinks, which will be posted on PDF files.

Once the results have been made public, applicants will be alerted of the news via email, and they will be provided with a hyperlink that will redirect them to this page. From there, applicants can review their status and receive all kinds of updates on the application process.