Interview Preparation Workshops

An exclusive Interview Preparation Workshop to take away all your interview blues awaits you at ECT. Get your dream job now with the most efficient interview preparation workshop in the market. Under this interactive workshop, we have elaborately covered all the major and minor aspects that a candidate faces before and during an interview. Our experienced experts and researchers have incorporated various theoretical and practical techniques and concepts to enable every candidate to perform flawlessly in their next interview.

According to a research published by Forbes, the average number of people who apply for a given job is approximately 118 out of which only 20% are able to get an interview. Job interviews are challenging and stressful as you need to create an unforgettable impression on the interviewer at the first meeting. To put up a friendly and trustworthy image of yourself while explaining your relevance as per the job without sounding arrogant or egotistical is a tough job. An interview becomes even tougher when pressure is applied by an interviewer on the candidate. Most candidates are shelled out of the application process during this crunching period.

Although, you need not worry much about these issues. At ECT, we will train you on how to master an interview and get in the mind of the interviewer with our six-hours workshop that includes, interview techniques, demo interviews, frequently asked questions and a lot more.

Building confidence and spontaneity simultaneously, our Interview Preparation Workshop is for anyone who has:

  • An important interview approaching and feels unprepared
  • Not given an interview in a long time and is feeling rusty
  • Been getting interviews but not getting any job offers
  • An inadequate work history and wants to overcome it

If you are any one of these, then this is the exact place where you need to be. Our team’s primary focus is to offer a step-by-step guide to job aspirants for tackling interviews. This guide contains specific details, personalised quizzes and interview etiquettes, supported with worksheets and examples at every step in the process. The objective is to assist job aspirants from the preparation of the interview to the post interview follow up. In other words, our competent Interview Preparation Workshop aims to:

  • Provide a greater understanding of the format and the content of potential interviews.
  • Make you confident and prepared for all upcoming interviews.
  • Develop your understanding of what interviews are for.
  • Guide you in a way that your skills and needs are justified.
  • Get you employed as soon as possible.

Apart from this, with every successful registration, a candidate gets :

  • Subject specific resources.
  • Innovative interview tips and tricks
  • A secret list of personalised questions.
  • Their exact answers according to your specific profile.

In addition, this training program also provides a personalized self-assessment report for all registered candidates and personalized answers to all key questions asked in the interviews. This program has been designed to keep you focused and organized while attempting an interview. This prevents frustration and annoyance among candidates regarding failures and hence helps them to be confident. We make sure that you prepare for the right interview in the right way, so that you have impressive answers to all questions asked in the interview.

If you have any troubles formulating impressive answers or if you face issues to describe yourself in a professional way with the right words then ECT has all the answers for you. Developed according to the respective profiles of every candidate, we have created an interesting list of frequently asked questions and answers that enables you to answer appropriately with the right approach. How one approaches their interview is an important factor as most interviewing candidates do not get through their interview because of sounding too arrogant. If you have the right approach, you can speak exactly what the interviewer wants to hear while simultaneously inserting your demands as well.

ECT has a unique self-discovery quiz that no other interview-training firm in the market has. This is a personalised quiz for each candidate that helps them to realise their strengths and weaknesses at once. The Quiz also provides them with accurate and useable information so that candidates can articulate themselves fluently, without giving the interviewer any opportunities for rejection. Apart from this, the Quiz acts as an analysing factor as to how one would fare in their interview with elaborate reports based on the various aspects of their interview. Our experts have worked diligently in consideration with experienced industry trainers on this amazing Quiz so that no question remains unanswered. We want our candidates to outshine in their interviews while leaving a memorable impression and an everlasting impact on the interviewer’s mind. Hence, we have planned the questionnaire in a way that only the relevant questions have been included saving your precious time and efforts. Also the answers have been recorded in the exact language that every interviewer wants to hear. Stay calm, stay confident and read our quiz that delivers both your progress reports as well as how to improve on the discrepancies.

If you enroll in our Interview Preparation Workshop, not only these things, every candidate also gets an additional course on certain important and secretive interview tips and tricks, and how to apply the information properly in the required scenarios.

Everybody says that hard work is required to get every job and no one gets a job easily. Although, remember that preparing for a job interview doesn’t require you to be only working hard as the experience could turn frustrating. Instead work smart as it’s better, convenient and more efficient. One can be effectively prepared for their interview by just knowing what work they actually have to do and how do they have to do that work. Once, these two things are sure, you just need to follow the prescribed interview techniques, mock interview experience and the questionnaire  to land up with the desirable job.

Whether you are preparing for a one-to-one standard interview or for a panel discussion, ECT provides you with an exclusive opportunity to achieve what you want through this brilliant Interview Preparation Workshop. A six-hours workshop that covers all the relevant interview skills and concepts, demo interviews, and frequently asked questions and their answers, our program will help you to articulate your strengths, describe past stories and experiences, and more importantly find your confident voice.

Our main focus is to help job aspirants land with a well deserved job. Hence, if you have any queries or doubts related to some general or technical interview difficulties, we are always there to help you within hours. Become a member of this site today and we will be more than happy to discuss your queries and clear your doubts via private email or telephone or any medium from anywhere in the world at any time.