Digital Marketing Course in Noida, Delhi

ECT provides exclusive Digital Marketing Courses and training programs for students, industry executives and entrepreneurs. We believe that knowledge and awareness are the perfect ingredients of a successful digital marketing campaign. Hence, we teach marketers how to capture their target markets with lower acquisition cost efficiently. From live classroom trainings to innovative workshops, we have meticulously worked with industry leaders to offer you the best digital marketing and analytics training programs according to the latest market trends.

Ensuring flexibility and convenience, we offer a variety of courses and techniques that will help you in your career as well as in your business.

Here are the main advantages of our training program

Classroom Training

Our classroom training comprises of interactive training sessions held for a period of 3 months. These comprehensive sessions help you to understand :

  • Web Marketing Overview
  • Website Planning and Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Google Analytics and its interpretation
  • Online Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and its tools
  • Display Advertising on social media marketing tools
  • E-Commerce Marketing and its features
  • Lead Generation
  • Internet Mobile Marketing
  • Online Content Marketing
  • Digital Reputation Management
  • Creating Online Marketing Strategies
  • Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing concepts
  • Adsense and Blogging Revenue
  • Procedure to procure trusted Freelancing Projects


  1. The impact of the disruptive digital environment through various real life examples.
  2. Emerging themes and trends in digital media.
  3. Measurement and evaluation.
  4. Strategies that you need to develop to acquire, convert and retain customers.
  5. Search marketing – SEO & PPC.
  6. Mobile marketing through social media giants like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  7. Exclusive Content marketing techniques.
  8. Video marketing with Google tools.
  9. Free internet marketing tools coupled with other digital tools and technologies. 

On the Job Training

We believe that if knowledge is not applied to the real world, it becomes futile. Hence, we at ECT have diligently crafted a three month long ‘on the job training’ program for working professionals, business owners and job-seekers looking for hands on experience. This exclusive digital marketing program comes along with a stipend, and enables you to:

  1. Understand real markets.
  2. Plan and implement digital marketing and communications strategy in actual markets.
  3. Earn while learning.
  4. Create a buyer persona
  5. Understand the SOSTAC digital marketing model.
  6. Work with modules of SOSTAC. (situation, objectives, strategy, tactics, action and control)
  7. Be aware about agile marketing
  8. Analyse and reach your audience
  9. Get a valid experience certification
  10. Free Digital marketing tools and innovative tactics.

Experience Certificate for qualified candidates

ECT issues experience certifications for all candidates who qualify these training programs. This certification works as a yardstick to display your progress and knowledge in the industry. It is different from the other standard industry certifications, as it acts as a medium to transcend your theoretical training to actual markets and real scenarios. You get this certification only at the completion of your respective program.

Industry exposure

Most digital and media marketing trainings lack the crucial aspect of real market exposure. Candidates usually have issues as they are not able to connect theoretical concepts from their training to the actual working situations in the industry. Hence, we have made sure that all candidates who enroll with us are not only provided appropriate training opportunities in the class, but also in the industry. This helps the candidate to relate to the training sessions as well as understand how the actual markets work. Knowledge, Awareness and Implementation all at the same time – A complete package indeed.

Free internet marketing tools

Reach out, communicate and educate potential customers using various online platforms like search engines, social media, email marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing and much more with free internet marketing tools from ECT. We provide a huge number of amazing internet tools like WordPress Theme, Landing Page Builder, Content Builder, Tools for ecommerce and the all-in-one website conversion app. Not only this, the package consists of many other advanced media marketing tools that are quite expensive. Join us now to benefit by getting these proficient tools and softwares worth INR 63,500/- absolutely free.

Helps in building their own freelance or full time business

Learn and work with the industry’s best and build your own freelance or full time business from the ground level. With specialised courses on how to do marketing online, bring targeted traffic to website, generate potential business leads and increase brand awareness, we at ECT encourage candidates to become leaders rather than workers. We believe everyone has the potential to be great. Hence, we motivate candidates to work independently according to their desires, either as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. This helps to generate innovative ideas, pathbreaking strategies and huge revenues. Enroll in any of our training courses, and get equipped with the best market skills and resources to start working on your own.  

40% cheaper than other training providers
ECT aims to spread understanding and awareness among people regarding media marketing and its applications. But, this is not easy as it involves various costs and expenses. Hence, to ensure its smooth functioning like most companies, we also have to charge a fee for our training services. Although, we have ensured to minimise the costs, as our primary motive is expansion of the services rather than money. On an average, an advanced digital marketing course costs around INR 22500 in the market. At ECT, you can get the same advanced digital marketing course at around INR 13500, which is 40% cheaper than the actual industry prices.

With clients like Microsoft and Google, ECT plans to reach out to every person who wants to learn and command the social media marketing channels in the nearby future. Once you have the correct knowledge and experience to work within the market framework, you will need nothing more than persistent hard work to be the best. To make it easier for you, we provide both online as well as offline trainings and sessions according to your needs and choices. In-class or offline training is delivered at our exclusive centres across the country and live instructor-led online classes are delivered on the World Wide Web for anyone to utilise them from anywhere. Join hands with us today and move towards a brighter future as a certified media marketing professional.