Content Writing Course

According to a research by SnapApp, 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content in 2017 as compared to 2016. This definitely points out towards the growing opportunities in the content sector in the coming days. Here, we are not just talking about the obvious nine to five corporate jobs, but also about freelancing. Content freelancing has great scope for you as a new writer too because around 64% of content marketers outsource their work to freelance writers on various portals. Hence as a content writer, work is plenty and easy to get. You just need to acquire, polish and develop some necessary skills imbibed in ECT’s exclusive Content Writing trainings and start earning right away.

At ECT, the training programs for content writing have been conceptualized and designed by experienced and talented industry experts and researchers. Our main aim is to create unique content writers who can understand, comprehend and write about several topics rather than the specialised ones. Since, content writing generates three times as many leads than other media marketing tools, business organisations look for content writers who can strike a chord with their audience and achieve targets. We are already aware of the demand, so we plan to increase the supply of content writers to create balance in the content markets.

Available for anyone who is interested to take content writing as a career option, we have ensured to divide our content writing training into subcategories to make it easier for you to relate and understand. All the aspects of the complete process of the training has been explained below for you:

Content Writing Training Process 


This is the first and the most important step in the content writing process. Whether you are seasoned in researching information or you are new to the game, the more you know about your topic, the better the content will be. Hence, it is important to understand the complete process yourself in order to provide your readers with valuable information about a topic they are interested in. Not only this, proper research will make the entire writing process easier and faster for you. The main points that you need to consider while researching for your content are:

  • Your readers or target audience
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Your competitor’s content
  • Credibility of the utilised resources
  • Elimination of unwanted data

Content writing plan

Once your research is completed, comes the next important step : Content writing plan. While researching is about gathering ideas, content planning is organising them in a coherent, logical and cohesive structure so that they can be communicated as clearly as possible to the reader. Organising your ideas on paper by answering certain important questions would help you to equip your content with a solid, defining structure. These questions are:

  • What’s your main idea?
  • What evidence supports this main idea?
  • What are the ideas that support your main idea?
  • What is your your point of view?
  • What are the theories, ideas or example that ascertain your point?
  • What conclusion can be drawn?

Once, you will answer all these questions with respect to your topic, it will become easier to maintain a structured flow as you already know what to write and where. And wherever you face problems, our training is there to assist you always.

Content development 

Content development is an extremely powerful tool and has helped companies succeed overnight in the big world of online marketing. It is the quality of your content that draws a potential customer and asserts your position as a helpful, authoritative source in the industry to build trust with your potential customers. The ultimate goal of content development is to increase conversion rates, sales and thereby profits. From your “contact us” page to the detailed content in any of your blog articles, all content on your website must be professional, well structured, correctly spelled and formatted to achieve premium quality content. We, at ECT help you achieve this through fun workshops, sessions and daily exercises on content and its development. Join now to achieve a flawless flow with great skills.

Copy Editing

The next step that our experienced trainers take you through after the development of your content is Copy Editing. Copy editing or CE is the process of reviewing and correcting written content to improve accuracy, readability, and relevance by ensuring that it is free of any errors, omissions, inconsistency, or repetition. The main points that we undertake to ensure that you can copy edit your own written material after our training are your:

  • Grammar and syntax
  • Punctuation usage
  • Numbers and figures or statistics
  • Idiosyncratic spellings
  • Word choice
  • Style
  • Trivia

Proof reading :

After copy editing, comes the final step of editing called Proofreading. Most people confuse copy editing and proofreading, but this is not the case. Hence, we at ECT provide separate sessions for copy editing followed by proofreading. Under proofreading, we organise personalised interactive sessions for candidates, and ask them to compare their copy edited version to the original proof. While comparing, candidates need to ensure that there are no omissions, missing spaces, irrelevant words or page breaks. This enables candidates to assess their writing and also maintain a habit of proofreading their own work. Once you eliminate all the mistakes, inconsistencies, and repetition during this process, your content will be polished and ready for publication.

These are the five major stages that your content goes through before getting published. Hence, we at ECT have ensured to take all the aspirants through all these stages individually. To help aspiring content writers in every corner of the world, we provide training in classroom model as well as virtual classroom model at a reasonable cost. Whether you plan to work as a freelancer or permanently for a big firm, enroll with our efficient Content Writing Training Program to give a definite jumpstart to your content writing career.