Communication Skills and Personality Development Course

ECT offers exclusive Personality Development and Communication Skills training programs, compiled by a team of the most talented experts and researchers in the industry. These cost effective courses cover all the important aspects of personality development and communications including time management, goal orientation, observation skills, motivation techniques, memory improvement training, effective listening, public manners and telephone etiquette.

In today’s world, most people are aware about the importance of carrying a good personality and the ability to converse in order to be successful. These are important because these attributes not only make an employee confident and presentable, but also act as a realisation of the multifaceted influence that the personality of an employee has upon the efficiency of an organisation. Hence, with an objective of promoting strategies for the development of personal and communication skills of the participants, we have specialised training modules as per the candidate’s requirements and skill level at affordable charges.  

ECT strives to bring personality development in a person with regard to the different behavioural dimensions that may have greater influence in the direction of organisational effectiveness. We achieve this with the help of Neuroscience combined with other innovative techniques. Our team has relentlessly worked to identify certain principal objectives related to the different aspects of personality development and communication skill. These are:

Focus on Confidence Building

Our primary focus is to generate self-confidence among candidates because people believe in you only if you believe in yourself. Whether it is any stage of life, remember that confidence is the actual key to success and fear of failure is just an emotion that needs to be ignored. With multiple interactive sessions, interesting group discussions and the right grooming techniques, we plan to reinforce your self-confidence and self-esteem to help you achieve what you’ve always dreamt of. Enroll with us today and regain your confidence with our intricately planned lecture-cum-discussions, management games, case studies and a lot more.

Extensive classes on Neuroscience

Neuroscience, or Neural Science, is a science that focuses on the brain and its impact on our behavior and cognitive functions. At ECT, we have specialised courses and extensive sessions based on neuroscience to enable candidates to understand different behavioral situations analytically. This helps to develop a deeper understanding of one’s own actions and behaviours as well as how these affect our lives and the lives of others. According to Neuroscience, new experiences create new neurons which creates individualized brains or individuality. Hence, we at ECT have carefully inculcated classes on neuroscience in a way that no previous knowledge is required to imbibe these fun filled lessons. Gain well-being, improve your relationships, and ultimately take control of your own personal and professional life through these miraculous training sessions from our exclusive training module.

Communication Skills Development

Communication is a two way process, so improving communication skills involves both how we speak, listen and then respond to conversations. Effective communication skills are a basic necessity to succeed for most professions in the world. Hence, experts at ECT have ensured to focus on communication skills as a separate entity from personality development. For this, we have created an elaborate list of all the factors needed for effective communication, which reads as follows:

  1. Listen to understand, not to just reply.
  2. Empathise, encourage or sympathise according to the conversation.
  3. Be brief, speak less and avoid unnecessary conversation fillers.
  4. Avoid any and all distractions.
  5. Never be biased or judgemental while a conversation.
  6. Know your target audience and tailor your message accordingly.
  7. Paraphrase if something is unclear.
  8. Use stories and examples to ensure better understanding.
  9. Mind your body language.
  10. Attempt to resolve conflicts than to instigate one.

Soft skill management (Public Speaking Course)

There are two major skill types – hard skill and soft skill. Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be defined or measured, such as painting, writing, science, reading or the ability to use softwares or applications. On the other hand, soft skills are mostly intangible and harder to quantify, such as communication, teamwork, etiquette or problem solving. This makes the soft skills of a person, the real game changer. Hence, we have highly skilled and certified trainers to help you get over these obstacles with our dedicated soft skill training courses. These courses are equipped with fun games, group tasks and exercises to maximise interaction and minimise introversion among the candidates. Shape your soft skills now with these effective programs and the world will listen to every word you speak from then on.

Mock Tests

Every human must test themselves in order to know what they’re capable of. Therefore, to analyse your progress and develop personalised courses, we have developed high quality mock tests for our registered candidates. These mock tests comprise of all the important topics covered under our complete training schedule. You have hundreds of tests to choose from and attempt as per your weak or strong areas. This helps you to understand yourself and the concepts and implement them in different situations.

On-the-job Training Modules

ECT offers innovative On-the-job Training Modules for candidates who aspire to get industry exposure along with the training. This training module has been highly recommended by industry leaders as it helps candidates to get comfortable to real professional scenarios even before they have a real job. On-the-job training also helps to achieve greater understanding than the classroom trainings as candidates can implement and execute the exact knowledge which had been imparted to them during these sessions. We work with a number of big firms that provide world class infrastructure, flexible working conditions and reasonable stipends to our training candidates, apart from real market conditions and a valid certification.

Avail a lifetime opportunity now by enrolling yourself in our extensive training programs conducted by talented and industry experienced trainers and experts for Personality Development and Communication Skills. You do not need any particular qualifications or too much money for any of our training programs. Instead, you just need to have an urge to enhance your own personality and dignity to register with us and be successful in professional as well as personal life.